My Series on Central Asian, Persian, and Middle Eastern History

My series on Central Asian and Persian History is presented below. Here, I present a list of my articles on Central Asian and Persian history, arranged roughly in a chronological manner. I will update this list periodically.

  1. What is Central Asia?
  2. Cyrus the Great 
  3. Traitors in Ancient Persian History 
  4. The Silk Road 
  5. Turkic Migrations 
  6. History of Xinjiang 
  7. Development of Uzbek Language and Identity
  8. Nastaliq
  9. Baloch History
  10. Foundation of the Safavid Empire and Iran’s Conversion to Shia Islam
  11. Ottoman Expansion
  12. Fall of the Safavids and the Foundation of Afghanistan
  13. Qing Conquest of Xinjiang 
  14. The Desolation of Merv 
  15. Monarchy in the Arab World
  16. Russian Creation of the Afghan-Turkmen Border 
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