My Series on Indian History

My series on Indian and South Asian History is presented below. Here, I present a list of my articles on South Asian history, arranged roughly in a chronological manner. Taken together, they tell the story of the entire region through the past few thousand years. I will update this list periodically.

  1. Roots: Introduction to Hinduism
  2. Understanding Some Misconceptions about South Asia
  3. Geography of South Asia
  4. The Indian Ocean
  5. The Indus Valley Civilization
  6. Age of the Indus Valley Civilization 
  7. Empires of Ancient and Medieval India
  8. The Mahabharata: Introduction and Political Lessons
  9. The Mahabharata: Strategic Thought
  10. The Arthashastra: Political Thought
  11. Nalanda: An Ancient University
  12. Indian Influence in Southeast Asia
  13. Medieval and Modern Battles
  14. Vijayanagara: South India’s Greatest Empire
  15. The Himalayan Region
  16. Historical Places in Nepal 
  17. The Nature of South Asian States
  18. Islam in South Asia
  19. Islam in South Asia (II)
  20. Origin of the Mughal Empire
  21. Humayun in Exile
  22. The Foundation of Afghanistan
  23. The Maratha Empire
  24. Tipu Sultan
  25. The Rise of British India
  26. British India: The Economic Debate
  27. British India: The Reparations Debate
  28. The British and Nepal
  29. British and Russian Great Games in Afghanistan
  30. The British Indian Military and World War II
  31. The Sino-Indian War of 1962
  32. India: 1984
  33. History of India’s Nuclear Program
  34. History of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program
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