Deep History

3 thoughts on “Deep History”

  1. Great Article. And i find that you are right about the selection bias in the study of history, so you find very little about great empires and civilizations in places like Iran or Central Asia, which today are not that powerful(and until the last few decades china), and a lot about Western europe which until relatively recently in history(c. 1750 AD) was not very globally relevant.Also the focus on only the modern times and the European experience impedes the appreciation of larger historical patterns(Millenia old clashes between Nomads and Sedentary Populations) and massive shifts in power in history andcertan cyclesin world historythat might allow a more accurate assessment of our present and maybe the future. Anyway would like to know your thoughts on it.


    1. Thank you! I am in full agreement with you, especially on the sedentary/nomadic cycle, or in today’s world perhaps the tension between developed and weak states, asabiyyah in short.


      1. Yes Exactly, Ibn Khaldun’s concept of International Relations and Group Solidarity.I would not be surprised that the nations that today are great or suposedly are going to be according to experts trends, might lose a lot of ground to some unexpected upstart that today no one is even considering(After all who would have thought in the court of aurangzeb that the English would rule India in less than a century after his death? or who in china in 1205 would suspect that their despised northern neighbors would rule them in a few decades?).Given what you can observe in history when you see Nations or peoples regarded as insignificant by contemporaries rise almost out of nowhere (Macedon,Arabia,Manchuria etc) sometimes defeating the major powers of their age.History is less as progression by stages(Middle ages,Enlightment,Industrial Revolution) and more cyclical and random than what many Experts like to concede.


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